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Turning your warranty program into a profitable machine
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We deliver a complete risk management strategy that optimizes protection while providing the greatest value.  

Data-driven, cost-effective, industry specific

Solution-Based Services

We partner with manufacturers and distributors to capitalize on a risk management strategy that optimizes extended protection plans, adding millions of dollars in value.

Data Analysis

We don’t just give you the  strategy, we implement the solutions and feed you the data and analysis of our work in action. Our solutions are calculated, precise and backed by years of industry-specific experience.

Captive Insurance

Warranty liabilities are often best managed in a captive insurance company. Together we will determine if this is your best solution.

Client Satisfaction

Our solutions have proven to increase customer loyalty while driving product quality improvements. Additionally, our partners see increases in product support revenue.


“Garde understands our business, are aligned with our goals, and their creativity, persistence, and execution have delivered results for our organization.

Jerry Young, Vice President and General Counsel at Mustang Cat