We partner with manufacturers and distributors to add millions of dollars to their bottom line by capitalizing on a risk management plan that optimizes extended protection plans.


Your risk management solution.

We equip executives with the behind-the-scene details on warranties, extended protection plans, and risk management strategies to make data-informed decisions that can earn you millions of dollars.

Who do we work with?

We work with manufacturers and distributors.

Why work with us?

By following the status quo – such as buying insurance from a third-party or your OEM – you’ve been giving away your profit and control of your programs. We can change that.

What do we do?

We create data-driven, cost-effective solutions for your extended protection plans.

What we Don't do

We do not sell extended warranties, and we are not your insurance broker. We partner with you to take control of your extended warranties, and we challenge your broker on enterprise risk. 


We are experts in warranties, risk management and data. 

Research & Analysis

We start by understanding your strategic objectives. We understand how your business works and will quickly identify opportunities for improvement.

Roadmap planning

With the data and resources we collect, our team will create a roadmap for your extended protection plan, risk management, and analytics dashboard.

Execute & Monitor

 The roadmap serves as our execution plan. Our team will constantly look for & identify new ways for you to improve your bottom line that builds loyalty with your customers.



Trusted by Top Companies Around the Globe

A Case study

Make Additional Value 

Garde Solution’s structured approach enables a seamless transition to data-driven decisions that support solutions which  optimize processes that impact the bottom line. Extended protection plans, change the calculation for manufacturers and dealers from reactive—a machine is broken and needs to be fixed—to proactive, while also shifting the customer’s operating expenses from a variable cost to a fixed cost. This shift further supports the customer’s equipment ownership and risk management strategy. Well-managed extended protection plans provide both direct and indirect value for dealers and customers.